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How To Be Happy Single

Ways To Be Happy Single

According to Author Malcolm Gladwell, it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert in anything-in that case I should have earned a Ph.D in the art of being single, because I don’t like to jump from one man to another. After the partnership I formed in early life failed to pass the test of time – I voluntarily stayed single for a number of years. I don’t want to go to an depth boring details,  however, my last relationship left me feeling that my love life was not mine to command and hence, I’ve been living my single/alone life fully and unapologetically for well over 10,000 hours.

Before you blow my shared hosting with bashing comments, I am the first one to admit that being alone sucks sometimes – especially during those sometimes. I didn’t set out to live a single life, I always give my all, in fact-when things were breaking apart I desperately held on and tried to pick up the pieces that should’ve been left alone. The point I am trying to emphasize here is that happiness begins with you, and not about who you share your love life with. If you have the genetic predisposition, you will be happy whether you are single or duo. If you can’t stand being alone and happy with yourself why should someone else be expected to?

While I’m far from being an expert in anything, I’ve learned a few things while being single. Make a list of things you could not do while you were in a relationship (I was not allowed to wear low cut tops- my boobs were always in straight jackets) and do every single one of them them Boldly & Fearlessly. Don’t be afraid to do things alone, this sounds obvious but a lot  of single people spend their single life waiting for another partner to start their life. Be the master of your situation, and cease feeling downcast being single and alone. Get a new blueprint of yourself. There are ways to be happy while single. Below is a list of things do that can make you happy after a breakup.

1. If you are a newbie in singlehood- don’t panic single is not a status, don’t think you have to find someone immediately . It will make you blind to obvious red flags, and entering a toxic relationship is inevitable. additionally;the air of desperation will bring negative energy into the new relationship

2. Travel alone, it feels weird at first however if you ever experiences the stress of traveling with your significant other you’ll love to be on your own schedule. After my break-up I used to travel with friends or family members – they tried to stress me out now I go SOLO…)

3.  Develop self-awareness when you are deeply  in love, you are  prepared to do anything to make it last you lose yourself in the process. So spend time with yourself to get to know who you really are. Read below what I found out was hidden deep in the corner of my soul.

4. Foster other relationships,find someone to love  beside family members.I’m almost positive you’ll find something about that someone who that does it for you. If you are a single man try to befriend her if she is available- if you are a single woman well, I am old school I don’t know how to ask  men out. Conversely awkward predicament is what my love life is currently about. I am ashamed to admit I am in love with a gay guy who is engaged to his long- term partner. What’s makes it bizarre is that I fell for him after he revealed his sexual preference, and clearly conveyed the message by adding that he was not interested to know the female anatomy: (

To those of you who will have questions and comments let me save you time by answering some of them : No I do not have a fetish for gay guys. Who say it’s wrong to love someone who can’t return the love? TRUE LOVE by definition doesn’t require reciprocity. I met him in a meetup group 2 years ago, when he noticed the members were mostly women -during a conversation he dropped the bomb! I can’t train my brain to remove the love however I don’t want him to have any suspicion. He ‘s no longer a member of the group so I don’t get to see him as often as I used to, nonetheless I can’t stop dreaming and thinking  about him – which keeps me from getting into a relationship. Perhaps reality will set in after he gets married . Enough about me! I am done washing my dirty laundry in public.

Some people failed to understand that having a spouse doesn’t necessarily mean happiness. I know people who are married but happily single, but they stay together because they don’t want to be referred to as  “not taken”. When you’re dependent on someone else to make you happy -you’re simply trying to light your path with someone else’s light. Instead of wallowing in self pity, invest that energy into the one person who will always be there for you: YOU!

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With God In Your Life You Will Never Be Alone. He Is Your Silent Listener And Your Invisible Partner.So Be Happy With Your Single Life;)