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How To Date Safely Online – Men & Women

Safety Tips for Online Daters

Online dating has expanded into platform to make it possible for single Men and Women to find their potential partners . There is always a feeling of adventure, and a sense of excitement in getting  to meet someone new. However; there are certain precautions that must be taken to stay safe when dating online.  The first step is to find a reputable paid site, there is no tangible evidence that they are one hundred percent safe, but they will likely attract more serious people- which preclude the possibility for hazardous characters. Nonetheless; I have to emphasized the important thing to note is that you  are seeking to date a total stranger, and it is crucial to watch out for potential dangers:(.

Online Dating Couple

Couple on Dinner Date

A large number of people have found their ideal partners online conversely;  many others have been the victims of internet dating . Some of us get excited  when we receive a message from a potential date, it is a normal human reaction however; if you are losing touch with reality and allowing  your heart rule your head your sense of safety will be buried in the back of your brain– and All Hell can potentially break loose. There are safe ways to navigate the realm of online dating, and not let your vulnerability get the best of you. if you are desperate to get into a relationship– you will get victimized in every possible way..(

As  security measures, Online Dating Services generally warns their users not to disclose their real names, and contact information on their profiles– they provide a safe way for members  to communicate anonymously. When someone reply to your your profile it is not necessary to get overly excited! You will be given the option to either ignore, to check out the person’s profile or respond. (I always glanced over the person’s page even if it’s just to satisfy my curiosity. ) Well, refrain from pushing the respond icon prior to finding out what the person is about. Leave a short note to let him or her know your communication lines are open.

Looking  4 Love online

Looking 4 Love online

As the world become digital single people are turning to the internet to find love however; some people think  that it is the hallmark of sheer desperation. I remember a few years ago I confided in one of my friends that I was contemplating online dating- she looked at me in total disbelief! I was not surprised because we both were born in the same underdeveloped Island, and based on our culture- men seeks women, not the other way around – except the prostitutes.

Not everyone knows to navigate the tricky world of conventional dating, the answer to this challenge is the internet ,and there is no shame in that as long as you are in full possession of your faculties. One important thing online daters should understand is when another  member show interest in their profile that doesn’t mean ‘ Lonely Nights are  Over!However, some of them  entertain that in the realm of their imagination which is a tragedy!. Don’t get bummed out if you don’t get a follow up from the man or woman who responded to your online profile.. Understand that  he or she doesn’t not owe loyalty to you, no matter how irresistible you think you are! Some of them are clowns – they just like to rattle the cage  As an interesting note-  make sure you remember what they looked like in case they hit your profile again.

Online Dating Safety

Not everyone enjoy the alcohol filled environment looking like desperate bar flies in an attempt to meet someone to have a relationship with. However; in the world of online dating, no one can ignore the existence of danger. I hope I have correctly assume that everyone knows how to stay safe while dating online! Keep  the conversation via anonymous messaging, and don’t reveal personal information until after the first date if you both entered into a genuine agreement to continue to date. That will put you on the threshold of becoming a smart online dater. I’ve heard so many stories form people who were victimized as a results of unsafe online dating practices. Being aware of the danger is instrumental to your safety, and you will not blind sided by gold diggers, mental patients, and whiny brats masquerading as adults ! that can fall under many sub-category.

How To End The Date

Let say you have a shared connection with that person, and the initial spark was present – do Not try to make out with him. Study show that there ere are health risks associated with deep kissing- some of them are: Streptococcus from tooth decay, and Mononucleosis which is a kissing disease. You can end the date gracefully with a peck on the cheek. Locking lips involve saliva- saliva has too much  testosterone in it that can trigger the sex drive hence– I wouldn’t swap it with someone I barely know:(.  To Each His Own! One final note: Do your best to keep your ego in check- displaying too much self confidence on a date is the all time bad behavior …(

Whether You Are a Men or a Women-I Hope You Are Now Ready To Date Safely Online;)