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How To Get Over Your Ex

Stages of Getting Over a Breakup

Breakups are one of the saddest parts of any relationships regardless who did the dumping, who got dumped and whatever the reason. The stage of getting  over an ex can be  brutal! The relationship might have been unbearable at times nonetheless; you fought so hard  to hold on to it and you can’t  believe it’s over- especially if the relationship was long-term.  You are missing the times when your brain was saturated with “feel good” hormones: Your  world is turn upside down and you would do almost anything to avoid accepting it. It’s hard to put a brave face when you are nothing but okay. (You probably shouldn’t handle heavy machinery)  But there are steps you can take to help you get over your ex and move on.

How To Mourn A Breakup.

Getting over a breakup is the hardest thing to do – it’s like mourning the death of a loved one, and the stages are rough: But once you go through them, you’ll know yourself better. Shock is probably not one of the stages because I am almost positive there were warning signs that the relationship was in on Life Support . Denial is what many of us go through the first few days thinking the breakup is temporary. However; talking about it to friends and family members will get you out of your delusional state- because they will not failed to tell you what you do Not want to hear (:

Mending Your Broken Heart

Because you are being eaten up by caustic emotions doesn’t make it okay to postpone your need to  grieve-(the stage that can potentially help you to mend your broken heart) doing so will just replace it with unrealistic hope – which will prevent you from reaching the point of acceptance. You are angry, hurt because everything you dreamed for your life was invested in this
person, the pain is real and doesn’t  feel it will go away anytime soon. Let me tell you something… I’ve been though breakups myself, and I know for fact that it is not easy to get over an ex. However;   if common sense is able to cross your blood brain barrier, you will adjust the content of your mentality and stop feeding your pain, and start mending your broken heart):

Many people failed to understand that ex is short for E X P I R E D! Regardless  of the type of relationships. Husbands & wives, boyfriends and girlfriends; when the expiration date is reach — a breakup becomes imminent .  Some relationships can survive hail storms; others wash away at the first rain drop- that’s just the fact  of life; now you are trying to get over your ex but  you are being haunted by the memory of  Hot Steamy sex swinging  through the chandelier. You need Jesus to help calm that mental disturbance and bring you basic tranquility– That chapter  in the lifetime is now shut.

It’s hard to say goodbye to your soulmate however; it is in your best interest to accept the breakup, and start living your existence again. You may be the only one suffering; the case may be that your ex has moved on completely and doesn’t even think about the relationship anymore. The stress can put you in an  involuntary diet and make you physically sick. (I remember the day of my breakup, I went from  size 16 to 14 overnight: I didn’t eat, nor sleep- I worked double shifts and cried on my lunchtime. The following week, I lost so much weight lots of people thought I was on a crash diet. Friends and family members avoided me so my misery wouldn’t rub off on them. I turned over to God, He helped me redeem my sanity and gave me the strength to get over my ex. It’s a CATHARTIC EXPERIENCE:(

How To Handle Mutual Friends After a Breakup

Just because you and your ex parted ways doesn’t mean you have to say good bye to those friends, too. However; be careful of what you reveal to these mutual friends, and keep them at a safe distance; don’t let them know you were stressed over the breakup . More importantly; don’t trash your ex to them – if they ask how you’re doing, you can say things like “I’m doing pretty well, all things considered; and quickly change the subject, you don’t want to give them the opportunity to reveal to you how your ex is doing and who she/he’s dating. If they invite you to gatherings just politely decline, because there is a strong likelihood your ex will be there. One of my friends was invited to a dinner party by mutual friends – one hour after she arrived, the guy she had recently been separated from, showed up with his brand new girlfriend – they were not even divorced yet.

Instead of leaving, she confronted them – they acted as if they they didn’t know he was going to bring that special guest. Right! If it was me, I wouldn’t even bother I would’ve left the party and forfeited all respect for them. Let’s face it, getting over an ex after a break up isn’t  easy, and being in the same proximity with your ex and his/her new partner is the last thing you need.  Learn to let go of the hatred and unresolved anger – these hurtful emotions  have been known to contribute to irregular heartbeat. It is crucial  that you focus on ways to better yourself and to lead a happier life. In most cases, your ex is almost as miserable after the breakup as you. Nonetheless, refrain from calling, or texting; don’t go out of your way to drive around his neighborhood- that my friend is the behavior of a Stalker:(

Why You Should Not Take Your Ex Back

Getting back together with your ex is a personal decision: Only you and your partner are qualified to make that decision. Based on my personal experience it is a Terrible mistake. Six months after the breakup I started receiving phones calls from blocked numbers, as soon as I answered – the caller would take a deep breath and hanged  up. I got annoyed I asked my telephone provider to reject blocked numbers.  One Saturday evening a phone call came through, when I answered a voice said softly “hi gorgeous”! I was totally speechless! Before I had a chance to catch my breath he said ‘honey,  “you have no idea how much I missed you, I am sorry for the way I hurt you But please, give him  a chance to make it up to you” .

To tell you the truth, I had no intention of taking him back, however; one day he asked if he could come to see me -as soon as I opened the door he dropped to his knees, and said he loved me. (The power of forgiveness is beyond measures) He melted my heart and I took him back- . And less than a year later —  the shit hit the fan, and we broke up for good.  I have a little advice for those of you who are asking “How to get your ex back. Whatever caused your relationship to fail the first time will likely return the second time, either as a main character or as a not so special guest. Relationship problems has a way of behaving like boomerangs: they come back, no matter how far you throw them.

I always look on the bright side of things, but based on my experience, and   I can safely say that a failed relationship is Not likely  to succeed a second time. Relationships need friendships, no matter how good you are in bed (:

Bottom Line:  An Order  To Keep Your Sanity Intact- Get Over Your Ex  Immediately After The Breakup.