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What To Wear On A First Date -Women

First Date Tips!

restaurant, couple and holiday concept - smiling couple eating mAlright, so it’s the first date! Congratulations!  You are excited however; the butterflies in the stomach are fluttering, and you need tips on what to wear to make the so called ” first impressions.”Relax!  If you are like me, you already know   beforehand the venue, time a day and hence;you are ready to dress accordingly (unless you got yourself a date with an alien) . If you reside on the East Coast-  you don’t have to be a fashion icon to find something to wear that will make you look your best and create a memorable impact on your potential partner . Fortunately, it hot right now so less is more nonetheless — you have to dress for the occasions.

lf you are attending an outdoor concert, that can take the stress out of choosing a wardrobe attire, because you can safely wear casual  outfits jeans and a semi-dressy top. If you are going to dinner in a fancy restaurant  or a social party  you should embrace the evening with a simple short sleeve nice cocktail dress- not too form fitting and too short- the hem should fall below the knees. Heels are an absolute must!!. Every woman like to look attractive especially on a first date however; you don’t want to distract your potential partner  by wearing strapless top that reveals too much cleavage -which can prevent him from getting to know you, and your true personality…(

Make up & Accessory Tips.

It is not a good idea for women to wear piles of make up – (unless you have large pores or pimples) fake eyelashes,deep black eyeliner, mascara,fake nails and weird lip color to go on a first date. The tip to a perfect summer make up is to apply a thin layer of a waterproof foundation that matches our skin complexion, and a tinted finishing powder. Colored Lip gloss or lipstick, one coat of mascara. Anything overdone will just send the wrong signals. Accessories can  enhanced your outfits- however too  much jewelry such as large Bangle bracelets, and large hoops or dangle earrings appear gaudy and cheap. It is more ladylike to wear a nice gold necklace, a normal size earrings gemstones rings on the left and right finger or plain diamonds if you own any.

Women can spend hours trying to decide what outfit to wear on a first date, whatever attire you finally decide on, it is important that it is suits your body shape, your personal style, your age plus it is suitable for the date location. When I was in the dating realm-my outfits were always on point, because a few  days prior  to the Rendezvous I used to set aside  3 different ensembles and choose the one that fit me best. Though you should look impeccable, you don’t want to show up all dolled up looking like you spent hours to get ready, it will raise “High Maintenance alert”. Don’t be surprised if the guy show up wearing t-shirt and jeans– most men don’t like to feel threatened or intimidated by women…

Activity Ideas for First Date

23192955-romantic-couple-with-ice-cream-at-amusement-park-Stock-PhotoFirst date activity doesn’t have to be the endless cycle of having dinner at restaurants we’ve been to a dozen of times FirstDate-300x199before,there are a multitude of fun outdoors activities- you just have to get out of your comfort zone. Theme parks are not limited to enthusiasts and teenage birthday parties. You can walk around try new bites and sips. If you’re feeling more adventurous, go to a art museum or bar that showcase local musicians,that will give you the opportunity to find out if chemistry is present without having to maintain a conversation.  Conversely; sitting is a close proximity of a movie theater with someone you just met is not a good first date idea- the only thing you will find out about each other is if you both like a lot of melted  butter on your popcorn-which has no chemistry attribute:(

What Perfume To Wear On A First Date

Finding the right perfume to wear on a first date is crucial, and the way in which you apply it also count. If you don’t know much about the guy, choose a light and alluring fragrance, a scent that is appropriate for the date venue. Some people suffer from have asthma or other medical conditions that can cause them to be sensitive to scents. (Men can be easy to please, especially if you appeal to their standards) A first date is about making a good impression, but wearing the wrong perfume can potentially create the total opposite . The best way to find out what type of perfume to wear on a first date is to ask the guy, and not Google. Even if he is a blind date, you have an open line of communication with him. I am a scent wearer hence; always make it a point to ask my blind dates if they are sensitive to scent.

To make your date memorable (perfume wise) I have compiled a few Summer Perfumes that are perfect for any date. How do I know you asked?.. I used them myself.

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermes, Paris. The English translation is: A Garden on the Nile. I have been using Hermes Perfumes ever since I can remember. During a visit to Paris in 2007, I went to the store to get 24 Faubourg -which is one of my favorites by Hermes. While I was getting ready to make the payment the sales lady asked if I ever tried Un Jardin Sur Le Nil?  I said no and she sprayed  the back of my hand. As soon as I stepped out my nose picked out the aroma of grapefruit and aquatic citrus and lotus flower– I went back immediately and bought it. The Perfume is very light but has a decent lasting power and universal appeal…)


Miss Cherie by Christian Dior

Now that I am older, I have more appreciation for Christian Dior. Miss Dior Cherie is sophisticated and expensive. Each Perfume by Christian tell a story ,but this one speaks volume. The Strawberry, jasmine, vetiver , neo-chypre and moss are divine. This perfume represent elegance and luxury.


Amazing Grace by Philosophy
If you are the type of woman who act with grace everyday, you accept winning or losing, and you are capable of turning darkness into light–this perfume is perfect to wear on a first date. The  mandarin, grapefruit. bergamot, orange and freesia  will cover you with Amazing Grace and inspire a great sense of well being

4.Clean by Clean

The name says it all! I blind bought this perfume at Sephora within a year of it’s release. Just like coming out of the shower but better. Pure and light. The note are: Lavender, damask rose, geranium, white soap all the way and a blast of lemongrass. Make sure to shower first.

What To Talk About On a First Date

Watch the you tube video below, and you’ll know what you should never talk bout on a first date. On a side note. Whether you believe there is chemistry between you and the guy… Do Not Try To Go Down On Him! Many women have performed oral sex on a first date as if they were auditioning for a part on a porn movie- and they wonder why they have not heard from the  guy  again?. 

How to Find the Right Man

The right man

The right man



“Do You Know What Type of Man is a Match for You?”

Many of you singles ladies who  have been on the dating scene for awhile and today, you feel as though you have been in a hamster wheel, because the men yo met have you  disappointed. Sometimes, it’s enough to make us want to stop seeking love, and stay home on the week-end watching The Ex Factor reruns on you tube while sipping on lemongrass tea. After all, who wants to have their hearts broken time and time again? (you are not alone)

(…) your friends and family members  probably advised you  to lower your standards, because the picture perfect man that your mind crafted will be hard to find. By the time we became teenagers many of us started to visualized being married to a  Prince Charming, who, unfortunately, does not exist. There are other women who seem to choose the same men, the wrong men, time and time again. Could it be because what women think they want and what they actually need are two different things? So, they keep making the same mistakes over and over again-which brings me to my next point.

When I was a teenager, I portrayed Juliette in the William Shakespeare play in a school  project, and from that day forward I kept picturing myself being married to Romeo – which caused me to dismiss any men who didn’t fit that caliber.  So there is a strong possibility that you may have already met the man of your dreams at the grocery store or at the gym, but you didn’t see him because he didn’t fit the picture of what the perfect man for you would look like.

Regardless of why a woman can’t find someone special, now is the time to find a new strategy, a new course of action. By simply changing the way you think about the type of man you need and not putting so much emphasis on the type of man you want, you will attract to yourself the man that you deserve. You can find that special someone, that one-of-a-kind man, who deserves a wonderful and unique one-of-a-kind woman like you.
Finding the Man of Your Dreams is a wonderful E-Book that will show any woman where and how to find the man of their dreams. It also helps you identify your unique 3 non-negotiables that you MUST have in a partner. What if you could be assured of a way to find the man of your dreams within the next twelve months and prove that the fairy tale still does exist?  Click Here! to begin your journey to find your soul mate…


“What Signals Do You Send?”

As a woman, do you know that the way you carry yourself upon entering a room can speak volumes about your self-esteem? Do you slink in without making eye contact, hoping no one notices you? Or, do you stride in confidently, shoulders back, head up, smiling at those around you?

Most men can spot an anxious, insecure woman a mile away and will avoid her at all costs. And, believe it or not, men do want to find that special someone to settle down with. However, it is very important that she be a happy, self-confident individual. And, even though a woman may think she is presenting her best self – in reality, she may be silently sending negative body signals that men pick up on immediately.

If you are a self-confident woman, there is a chance that your confidence might be sending silent signals to men that say, “Don’t come too close, I don’t need a man.” What many women fear is being perceived by men as being “needy.” And in an attempt NOT to come across this way, it is fairly common for them to display an independent streak. Let me tell you a secret about what men really want in a woman. Every man wants a confident woman, who is willing to let a man influence her.

A woman who doesn’t show any vulnerability until she gets to know a man is inadvertently giving men the impression that she is stronger, tougher and more independent than she really is deep down in her heart.
You are probably scratching your head right now and saying to yourself, “Why does it have to be so hard to find a decent man out there?” And, “Why can’t men just accept me for who I am?”

If this sounds frustrating, wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how to attract the man who is your perfect soul mate? Is there a way to know what that special quality or personality trait is that some women possess that draws men to them like a magnet? Yes there is, and it’s available right now.Click Here! “Finding the Man of Your Dreams” will show any woman where and how to attract their soul mate into their life. You can find out how by Click Here!